Seven Short Pieces (2009)

Performance:  Shirley Warren; Julie Wegener home

Seven Short Pieces for Piano:

      1.  Galop Galop.mp3  1:17
      2.  Minuet   Minuet.mp3  1:02
      3.  East East.mp3  1:20
      4.  Allemande Allemande.mp3  0:56
      5. Sarabande Sarabande.mp3  1:12
      6. Dance in Five Dance in Five.mp3  0:47
      7. Circle Circle.mp3  1:14


I wrote these short pieces as an exercise for Julie Wegener’s performance anxiety course at Dutchess Community College (DCC). Another student in the class challenged me to write music that I would be willing to perform on piano. She was a dancer, so the pieces are loosely based on dance forms. I wrote the first four pieces in July 2009. Before I had quite completed the fifth piece, I fell and broke my left wrist, which left me unable to do any composing or playing for several months. After the removal of my cast, I gradually regained the use of my left hand, with the expert assistance of Christina McGrath and Marc Bartholdi, my terrific hand therapists at Dutchess Orthopedics. I completed the suite in November and performed them in a recital at DCC in December. This recording was made on the lovely Steinway piano in Julie’s home.


(1) Galop

(2) Minuet

(3) East

(4) Allemande

(5) Sarabande

(6) Dance in Five

(7) Circle (Requiem)


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