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Shirley Hoffman Warren


I am a composer of (mostly) classical music, typically lyrical and tonal, although I often strive for a slightly off-balance feel. I have written for concert choir, a cappella choir, orchestra, and various vocal and instrumental chamber ensembles. I live and work in New Paltz, New York.


Major Works


Acadia (2005): Commissioned by oboist JoŽl Evans, this is a suite of five pieces for oboe, viola and piano, based on the French Canadian folk tunes of Joel's childhood.

Irae Variae (2003): This is a set of four variations on the Dies Irae from the Requiem mass, written for oboe, cello and piano.

Cove Beach (2004): This is a suite of three pieces for concert choir (in both orchestral and piano versions), the text of which consists of the Latin taxonomic classification of various creatures found on and near the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey.

Nocturne (2001): Scored for concert choir and piano, the text of Nocturne is excerpted from the poem, "On the Beach at Night," by Walt Whitman


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